Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What is Branding

1. What is branding?
You know to this question people simply answer it as ‘company name’ or ‘corporate logo’. To me its much more then it, let me put it this way as to how branding can be understood—as easy as a pie.
You see just like we know people by their names, we know hundreds of brands by name. But, like people too, the more you know about a brand, the more it seems to have its own individual personality.
But while we know people by their names, we don’t say they “are” their names. Here’s where we get to what branding really is. Branding is the sum total of a company’s identity—from its name and logo to every piece of communication, internal or external—to every encounter every customer or potential customer has with it.

Here’s my explanation of branding using a pie as an example. Not plain, ordinary pie. But apple pie with two scoops of ice cream and a cherry on top.

The cherry is a brand’s promise. The ice cream represents all your products and services. The apples are the corporation itself—the corporate environment. The crust is the structure of your company—not the building (although how it looks is part of branding) but your systems.

So here is your delicious, multi-tiered, integrated apple pie. Of course the cherry gets the attention. And that’s your name in neon lights, your fancy new logo, and your overall visual appeal. If a prospect buys a slice of your pie just for the cherry then you’ve done well!

But integrating the ice cream (Product/Service), apples (Corporate Culture) and crust (Systems) are essential for building true “core” brand equity. Don’t get caught up in thinking branding is only about the cherry. This happens at graphic design firms whose only expertise is generating visual solutions. You may even find it at large advertising agencies that want to do more ads. To them the cherry is all that matters. 

But we at Barkha’s Brand clinic think differently.

I don’t care if you do no ads at all—if that’s what’s right for your company. Maybe your success lies in direct contact at trade shows or public relations and press releases. Whatever it is, whatever your sweet suite of services is, you need the ingredients working in combination to make your pie a success.
And once you know all that goes into it, branding is as easy as a pie!

2. Many brand logo designers have different key rules of what a logo should do (i.e. be scalable, must work in black, be memorable, be only 2 or 3 colours etc) what are your key rules of a logo?

The K.I.S (Keep It Simple) principle was pounded into my head since the beginning – and I still follow it today in most of my designs. I know that my most successful efforts are the simplest and get the best of my ideas in my dreams or through intuitions. I always find myself trying to subtract detail from design concepts in an attempt to distil the idea down to the most basic communication tool.

I know that as designers we are influenced – both consciously and subconsciously – by everything we see around ourselves. Still, I always try to avoid anything that has been defined as the latest and greatest “trend” in design. One of my “mantra” is: “Just be yourself be natural and give in your 200%, the rest will follow”
 We as a team have created as many as 60 effective logo designs to this date – we have adopted latest technology in our office so that really successful designs can be created with software giving “special effects.” And give treatments to great design solutions with a concept defined, companies brand value, brand image and the company’s vision and mission statement in mind.

I don’t like just having an icon, or piece of art, up next to a type treatment. In some cases it is appropriate and effective – but it’s something I try to avoid in creating a strong and unique logo for a client. I enjoy making a long term deeply meaning logo. It should give the brand a power packed image.

3. In today’s competitive time how much impact does a logo have in building the brand image?

The symbolic, emblem, graphic representation of the brand name and the company, the most important aspect of a brand is Logo ‘the Face of the company’. And it is the logo that registers your brand in the minds of people.

The reality is your customers and prospects are not always in front of your products or advertising. So it means that they can easily forget about you or be persuaded by your competitor to buy their products instead. That’s why u need to take an advantage of a little thing of Human ‘Memory’. It is always believed that if u want to memorize anything then always make it remember by having some image of it and u will never forget it. So, logo plays that soft and subtle role in helping ur target consumer memorize ur brand in their minds. Human minds are psychologically made like this. So if u make a favourable impression in the mindset of ur customer through your logo chances are they will reject ur competitors offering.

Like for example Mc Donald’s has made its mark in the hearts and minds of children and in the minds of their parents as well, the brand image and loyalty that they have established in their target audiences mind is incredible. Mc Donald’s logo literally tempts you to go and grab a burger or French fries. Mc Donald’s as a brand with its logo has helped Mc Donald’s built to its brand image.

Always position and maintain ur brand presence on TV, web and print publication it’s worth an investment. Like we say if you are not remarkable you are Invisible, and, in this competitive industry…

                        INVISIBILITY = DEATH
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