Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Packaging a Great Marketing Weapon

Thousands of new products are introduced every year.  How can your product compete, not only with established brands but with the plethora of new products that are being introduced? The answer of course is THE PACKAGING. The right packaging with the right message will rise above the competitive landscape. But how many companies understand the value behind packaging as a marketing weapon? Most just look at as a way to convey the product or recycle tired images and product packaging that doesn't work.
Understanding the complexities of how a package reaches out to a consumer is one of the most important things to understand. Communicating that message on product packaging is a time consuming and difficult challenge. The answer derives from understanding what the consumer wants from their product packaging. A good way to assess this problem is to look at yourself and how and where you shop?

Packaging now plays a vital role in promoting brands in the competitive market. Corporate is getting more and more aware about protecting their innovations in various sectors of their business. The credit for this goes to Bern Convention and TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights). Initially companies used to concentrate on product, price, place and promotion as marketing tools of the Companies.  But it seems that companies are diverting their attention towards packaging as 5th  P of Marketing Strategy.    Packaging as a brand promotion is way back popular strategy adopted by large companies such as Cadbury, Unilever, P&G etc. However this concept of 5th ‘P’ of Marketing is not very prominent in the small scale manufacturer. They don’t realise that what they think as an investment is actually can be proved as an asset of the company. Many MNCs find packaging  very unique to be protected under various Intellectual Property Rights such as Trademark, Copyright and Designs and as well as Patent. The main factor which buyers consider while buying any products or services is how companies care for the comforts of the buyers. Are Company sale their product as a tool to earn profits only or they are more concerned about the comfort zone of the consumers? Ultimately consumers are the sole earning provider of any company. One may observe that people buy products for betterment of their day to day requirements of food, beauty, leisure’s and luxury. If a company serves better performance of their products, than they can built good reputation and loyal customers in the Market.  Companies should consider their target audience while deciding and investing on Packaging of their Branded Goods. We can step into shoes of our customers to think what kind of packaging they will find it mesmerizing to buy our products. It’s not at all a easy task for any company to decide about packaging style and comfort zone requirements of consumers. Market survey would be great solution for this problem. A content market survey will give companies a better way to look for the lope holes which they can provide to consumers.  

What compels you to look at a new product? What drew you to pick it up and take a closer look? Your answer may be different from that of another member of your family or a significant  but the message is the same. You were intrigued enough by whatever ever that made you pick up the product and take a closer look. That's half the battle won because your product will never sell if someone doesn't pick it up in the first place.
I know it's a trite saying by now but seriously "think outside the box." That is what makes your product unique from its competitors.

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