Friday, 28 February 2014

8 reasons why a logo should cost more than your lunch

Recently, a week ago I was with my friends at a well known Hotel for lunch, as we were having some chat my friend’s eye came on the logo of the hotel and she just asked me the question that “The Logo of this hotel must have cost them more than our entire months lunch?”
“A very interesting comparison” I told her
“Well, Heena that one logo is subconscious dragging in hundreds of people a day to this hotel, it better be charged a bomb!”
“A logo is the most over as well as most underrated phenomenon in today’s business” I louded my thought.
“Let me explain you the infinite effects a logo has on its business”
“Did you know the color red and the childlike m arch in McDonald’s logo is driving 72 nation’s burgers. Everything is presentation today. And logo is the shortest, sweetest and the most precise form of Presentation and branding today!”

8 reasons why a logo should cost more than your lunch:
  1. A logo is the very first impression people get of your company.
  2. A logo gives longevity to the business.
  3. A logo is used for recall.
  4. A logo is the face of the company.
  5. A logo speaks millions if not less things about one company.
  6. A logo speaks about the vision, mission, core values, ideology of the company in one go.
  7. A logo is the starting point of your whole corporate image.
  8. Before a potential client even walks through your door, your logo represents your company.

We finished our lunch, my friends smiled agreed and we asked for the bill, may be first time not finding food too expensive at a 5 star hotel.
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